Host Dry System is always our first choice (capable of cleaning all carpet and soiling types), but there would be occasions (urine, vomits etc. Accidents or heavily soiled and stained carpets) where an alternative system would be quicker and hence, more cost effective.

Our Wonder Wand

Recovers as much as 30% more solution than conventional wands. Unique technology prevents any solution from soaking into the backing. The results are carpets that are cleaner and dry faster. The Wonder Wand wand combines patented industry technology.

Our multi-stage steam extraction carpet cleaning process:

  1. High-filtration pre-vacuuming.
  2. Pre-spraying.
  3. Agitation.
  4. Steam extraction.

Our extracting machine

Powerful top performance dual 3 stage vacuum motors provide an airflow of 240cfm - avoiding overwetting. (Compare it with standard vacuums with airflow of 50-70cfm) Dual heat exchangers Giving instant and constant (adjustable) 70C water temperature (High enough to kill dust mites and contribute to faster drying time at the same time safe for most fabrics. 450psi water pump making sure the suspended soil is being effectively flushed away and preventing over wetting of carpet fabrics.