At AQC we will provide the cleaning process that's right for your particular upholstered fabric.

Try Our 6 Step unique Process

AQC uses an exclusive 6 step process to get your upholstery clean and to help you keep it clean. Important! Large number of the cleaning industry does not adhere to very important cleaning industry guidelines.

Included in our 6-step upholstery cleaning process:

  1. We inspect all fabrics for colour fastness and inspect the fabric condition to insure that it will respond to the cleaning. We also prepare the area for cleaning by laying out a dust cloth and moving surrounding furniture.
  2. After testing the fabric we pre-vacuum the upholstery to remove dry soil before they get wet which improves the effectiveness of cleaning.
  3. Upon completion of vacuuming we apply a micro splitting pre-spray and allow the time to fully suspend the soil and to help eliminate sticky residue problems, and loosens tough spots and spills.
  4. After the application of a pre-spray, We use our powerful extraction unit to extract the soil from the upholstery with a specialised hand tool which can be used even on the most delicate fabrics. By using our Professional Extraction machine we are able to ensure that your upholstery is left clean and fresh with no residue to attract soil.
  5. Next we treat individual spots that did not respond to the normal cleaning process by applying appropriate spotting agents and extract treated areas again.
  6. After extraction we groom and set the nap of your upholstery which helps it to not only look its best, but to also restore the soft feel of many fine fabrics.

We use only latest chemicals safe for people and pets.


Fine Line has been specially formulated for wool and delicate fibres and has been approved for use on wool and wool-rich carpets in accordance with The WOOLSAFE Organisation's stringent tests. Does not contain bleaching agents or optical colour brighteners. Does not contain any enzymes, bacteria or microorganisms which may be considered environmentally hazardous. Does not contain any detergents or shampoos which can cause rapid resoiling due to sticky residue. Will not adversely affect any factory applied protectants or anti-static treatments. Ideal for all cleaning systems such as hot water extraction, bonnet, powder, etc.

Total Fluid Control Prevents Over Wetting

High-Energy solution power-wash each individual fiber providing the fastest dry time in the industry; Since the solution is always in motion, it's almost impossible to over wet fabrics

Our extracting machine

Powerful top performance dual 3 stage vacuum motors provide an airflow of 240cfm - avoiding over wetting. (Compare it with standard vacuums with airflow of 50-70cfm) Dual heat exchangers Giving instant and constant (adjustable) 70C water temperature (High enough to kill dust mites and contribute to faster drying time at the same time safe for most fabrics. 450psi water pump making sure the suspended soil is being effectively flushed away and preventing over wetting of fabrics.