We remove the following:

Glass surface protectant
Protection lasts up to 6 months. Will not yellow, cloud or haze. Protects against hardwater stains, masonry run-off, atmospheric pollution. Makes routine maintenance simpler. Liquid forms a bond to glass, ceramic, porcelain and other glass-like surfaces to form an invisible molecular barrier that protects the surface against incidental scratching, while repelling liquids and dirt, making regular cleaning of the surfaces much easier. Non-Toxic, Non-flammable. Treated surfaces are water repellent, causing water drops to bead. The protectant works by lowering the coefficiant friction on the glass surface. Please note: Glass Surface Protection is not recommended for use on Plexiglas, Lucite, Lexan and other polycarbonate surfaces.

Since windows vary from household to household we regret that the quote can only be given after inspection. Contact us in order to book non obligatory appointment.
This is only an example in order to give you an idea how much do we charge. Our minimum call-out charge is £40 for a domestic job. This allows us usually to do a 3 bedroom flat (internal + external window clean) or house within 2 working hours.